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Shock Aero 3D 0.97

Shock Aero 3D creates a three-dimensional stack effect on your desktop
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Have you seen the cool and nice effects of Windows Aero in Windows Vista? One of those effects is a view of your open windows in a three-dimensional stack on your desktop, and using hot keys, you can flip through the open windows to quickly locate and select the window you want. But wait a minute, don't you have Windows Vista? No problem, with Shock Aero 3D you can enjoy the same three-dimensional effect running on Windows XP desktop.

Shock Aero 3D lets you to custom the three-dimensional effect, for example:
- You can type which hot keys will activate the effect.
- Choose which screen effect will appear on the three dimensional stack, Flip, Grid, or Wave Flip.
- Select the camera position of the foreground effect, Top, Center or Bottom.
- Select if the Animation Effect will be played at starting and/or ending, if there will be bounce and reflection.
- Choose background styles like: wave, raindrops, or tunnel.
- The following languages are available in Shock Aero 3D: Korean, French, Italian, Russian, Slovak and English.
- You can activate a background image from your own pictures.

Daniel Mantilla
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